An overview of the RM3100

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An overview of the RM3100

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مروری بر سنسور RM3100

RM3100 Sensor

Thank you for purchasing PNI Sensor Corporation‟s RM2100 or RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor,
pn 90052 or pn 90053, respectively. The RM2100 is comprised of two Sen-XY-f sensor coils,
pn 13104, and a MagI2C ASIC controller, pn 13156, which forms the basis for a 2-axis digital
compass. The RM3100 is the same as the RM2100 but adds a Sen-Z-f sensor coil, pn 13101,
such that compassing measurements are not constricted to the horizontal plane.
PNI‟s geomagnetic sensor technology provides high resolution, low power consumption, large
signal noise immunity, a large dynamic range, and high sampling rates. Measurements are stable
over temperature and inherently free from offset drift. The RM3100‟s MagI2C ASIC features
both continuous measurement mode and single measurement polling, software-configurable
resolution and sample rate, and the ability to operate one, two, or three PNI sensor coils. And it
incorporates both I2C and SPI interfaces for system design flexibility.

GebraBit RM3100 module

GebraBit RM3100

After the explanations mentioned above , due to QFN package and lack of access to sensor pins And Coils Layout , you have noticed that, the user needs a starter circuit and driver for the hardware development and of course the software development of the RM3100 sensor. For the convenience of users, this work has been done by implementing the RM3100 sensor circuit and providing access to the communication and power supply signal pins, with the ability to select the I2C or SPI communication protocol

It is enough to put the GebraBit RM3100 module in the BreadBoard, then by applying the proper voltage and choosing the I2C or SPI communication protocol, setting up the GebraBit RM3100 module with any of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Discovery board, and especially we recommend using GebraBit microcontroller development modules( GebraBit STM32F303 or GebraBit ATMEGA32 module) then receiving the data. 

The reason for our recommendation when setting up the GebraBit RM3100 module with GebraBit microcontroller development modules (such as GebraBit STM32F303 or GebraBit ATMEGA32), is the presence of an internal 3V3 regulator on these modules and the compatibility of the pin order of all GebraBit modules together (GEBRABUS standard), it’s enough to Put the RM3100 in the corresponding socket as shown in the above picture and develop the desired sensor module without the need for wiring.

Introduction of module sections

RM3100 sensor

PNI13156 IS tha main IC of the following module, which is placed in the center of the module and its circuit is designed with its 3 coils.

Communication protocol selection jumpers

If the 0R resistors of all Jumper Selectors are to the left side, the I2C protocol is selected.

If the 0R resistors of all Jumper Selectors are to the right side, the SPI protocol is selected.

by default,I2C protocol is selected .

جامپر های AD SEL

در صورت انتخاب پروتکل I2C، وضعیت جامپرهای AD0  و AD1 آدرس I2C سنسور را مشخص می کند.

به صورت پیش فرض مقاومت 0R روی 0 قرار دارد.

تغذیه LED

با توجه به ولتاژ اعمال شده به ماژول توسط پین مربوطه، LED ماژول روشن می شود.

این مقاله را با دوستانتان به اشتراک بگذارید!

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