Robotics at its core is a science in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It is a combination of many technologies that bring about something new and unexpected. This is the goal of GebraBit SmartRobotics. We are building on and expanding the vast portfolio of GebraBit technologies, and putting them into a platform that sets a standard to build on. A combination of hardware and software which will put the spark of life into robotics and into your next big dream.

Find out more about our incredible initiatives with our internal and external partners to bring this dream to life.

Product Categories

The TDK Robokit1 combines sensors, processors, and actuators on a single board, making it an ideal robotics platform for quick prototyping and development. RoboKit1 integrates key product offerings such as 6-axis IMU, industrial IMU modules, capacitive barometric pressure sensor, digital I²S microphone, temp sensor, ultrasonic Time of Flight (ToF) sensors, magnetometer, and motor controller on a single PCB.

It also comes equipped with ARM® Cortex®-M7, multiple interfaces, and is compatible with multiple processor platforms such as Raspberry Pi and ASUS Tinker Board. RoboKit1 is not just another dev board—it is the comprehensive TDK solution showcase!