Measure the magnetic field

what is magnetic field?

Magnetism is a force of nature produced by moving electric charges. Sometimes these motions are microscopic and inside of a material known as magnets. Magnets, or the magnetic fields created by moving electric charges, can attract or repel other magnets, and change the motion of other charged particles.
Some materials, such as iron, are known as permanent magnets, which means that they can sustain a permanent magnetic field. These are the most common forms of magnets encountered in everyday life.

what is a magnetometer?

A magnetometer is a device used to measure the magnetic field, particularly with respect to its magnetic strength and orientation. A popular example of a magnetometer would be the compass, which is used to measure the direction of an ambient magnetic field (i.e. in this case, the earth’s magnetic field). Other magnetometers measure magnetic dipole moments; a magnetic dipole is the limit of either a closed loop of electric current or a pair of poles, since the size of the source is reduced to zero while keeping the magnetic moment – the magnetic field’s magnetic strength and orientation – constant.


Magnetometers have several uses: Compasse, Geographical surveys, Aircrafts, Military purposes, Oil and gas exploration, Plasma flows, Health care monitoring, etc.

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Gebrabit Magnometer module

GebraBit ICM20948

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Number of Axis
9 (3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-Axis compass)
±4900 µT
I2C or SPI

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